- male bias sex ratio drosophila


male bias sex ratio drosophila

Sep 07, 2005 · Do female Drosophila melanogaster adaptively bias offspring sex ratios in The bias in sex ratio in the initial brood of offspring that are produced immediately following mating does not appear to be due to systematic differences in the mortality or numbers of X- and Y-bearing sperm that are stored following copulations with males of Cited by: 17.

The sex-ratio trait described in several Drosophila species is a type of naturally occurring X-linked meiotic drive that causes males bearing a sex-ratio X chromosome to produce progenies with a large excess of females. We have previously reported the occurrence of sex-ratio X chromosomes in Drosophila simulans.Cited by: 62.

Relative courtship success of mutant Drosophila melanogaster males was found to vary with sex ratio. Males with one of three recessive mutants: White, vermilion, or vestigial, competed with wild type males for females. Female-biased sex ratios were associated with increased success of all three different mutant phenotypesCited by: 4.

We document the occurrence of “sex ratio” meiotic drive in natural populations of Drosophila testacea. “Sex ratio” males sire >95% female offspring. Genetic analysis reveals that this effect is due to a meiotically driven X chromosome, as in other species of Drosophila in which “sex ratio” has been found.Cited by: 90.

The occurrence of sex-ratio in Drosophila mediopunctata is described. The sex-ratio trait, affected males producing directional bias in the offspring's sex-ratio is intro- males; all F1.