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Finding Begonia Classification Through The Begonia Leaves hairy leaf flowers

Hairy Leafcup (Smallanthus uvedalius (L.) Mack. ex Small)By David Taylor. Hairy leafcup is a member of the Asteraceae, the Sunflower family. In older manuals and guides, this family is called the Compositae because the 'flowers' are a composite of many flowers, often of different types.

The main reason for this is their hairy foliage or the waxy texture that some silver leaf plants have. Both of these characteristics enable them to reflect sunlight and conserve water. In the garden, silver leaf plants may take on several different roles.Author: Nikki Tilley.

Leaf Surface. Pay attention to the surface of both sides of the leaf, noting whether it is shiny, dull or hairy. It may be smooth or have prominent veining. It's also useful to know if a leaf has an odor when you crush it. The shade of green can also be a useful feature in identification. It may be bright green, deep green, bluish, blackish or.

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The first leaf is oval to narrowly football shaped and sparsely or densely covered with hairs. Seedlings of hairy fleabane and horseweed are similar and difficult to distinguish. One feature to separate the two is that the leaves of hairy fleabane are gray green, narrower, and .