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Jul 02, 2014 · 7 Tips for Sharing Finances in a Long-Term Relationship Here are the best practices for deciding how to share a budget for big and small expenses.Author: Danielle Maddox.

Marriage is a partnership. The officiant said, “And now you are one.” Both parties need to be involved in the finances. Separating the money and splitting the bills is a bad idea that only leads to more money and relationship problems down the road. Don’t keep separate accounts. Put all of your money together and begin to look at it as a.

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A good relationship is one in which each party helps the other make better choices—and you and your beau might be able to help each other become smarter about money. Meet in the Middle Whether you are newly engaged or suddenly find a long-term relationship .

Cons: They need an agreement about what to do if one partner's income drops to zero (for example, if one partner loses their job). Their relationship could become strained if Kate lives a more glamorous lifestyle than Danny because she has more "fun" money left over after paying the bills. Some couples also criticize this method as feeling too "roommate-like.".