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To be a highly valued provider of quality educational programs that offer every adult in West Virginia an opportunity to build skills for success. Mission Statement. To enable adult workers to be literate, productive, and successful in the workplace, home, and community by delivering responsive adult education programs and services.

The WV Adult education programs build skills for success by providing adults with the opportunity to acquire and improve functional skills necessary to enhance the quality of their lives as workers, family members, and citizens. These programs play an important role in fostering productive employment, effective citizenship, personal and family.

The West Virginia Department of Education is a government agency that oversees the public school system in West Virginia, which is responsible for the education of more than 273,000 students in more than 700 schools with 20,000 teachers. Our goal is to provide a statewide system of education that ensures all students graduate from high school prepared for success in college and/or careers.

The instructor handbook is now a living document! The instructor handbook is shared in electronic form using Microsoft Office Word. Section 1: West Virginia Adult Education Programs.

The Adult & Community Education programs must cancel classes that do not meet minimum enrollment. We reserve the right to cancel, discontinue, postpone, or combine classes before or at the first class session. Attempts will be made to contact all students whose classes have been canceled.