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Portrait photography techniques, tips and tricks Tip 1. Focus on the eyes This can help you create those creamy-smooth, out of focus backgrounds that give portraits a professional quality.Author: Phil Hall.

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Because I was prepared for some resistance to taking photos while visiting Morocco, I altered my approach and utilized a variety of compositional hacks to get some unique photos. I’ll just come out and say it: I love to travel with photography as my primary agenda. Everything from the decision-making process of where to visit to deciding which.

9 Nude Photography Tips. Image by Daniel James. Let me start by saying that I never thought I’d do any nude photography – not because I am against it as a form of Art – but partly because it never seriously crossed my mind as something I’d do and partly because I never thought I’d come across anyone who would pose for me.

Shoot like a pro! Comprehensive, easy to understand photography lessons, tips, and techniques. For business inquiries I am open to all kinds of interesting.