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Adult Protective Services (APS) provides vulnerable adults protection from abuse, neglect or exploitation and offers services. The services help with proper medical care, self-maintenance skills, personal hygiene, adequate food, shelter and protection. Key personnel.

According to the law, the Oklahoma Department of Human Services administers the Adult Protective Services (APS) program. When someone is concerned about the well-being of an elderly friend, neighbor or relative, adult protective services specialists listen and respond.

Oklahoma Department of Human Services (DHS) Adult Protective Services (APS) Public Intake Form *Indicates a required field: Does the situation present a serious risk to the victim that requires immediate action? Yes No: If you believe the alleged victim’s life is in immediate danger, please call 911 now! If this is an urgent but non-life.

Neglect is failure to provide protection, failure to provide adequate shelter, nutrition, health care or clothing, or causing or permitting harm or risk of harm through the action, inaction or lack of supervision by someone providing direct services to a vulnerable adult. What is self neglect?

The APS map is designed to provide easy access to information on reporting suspected abuse nationwide. For information on Long-Term Care Ombudsman programs for residents of nursing homes, board & care homes or assisted living facilities, please visit the National Long-Term Care Ombudsman Resource Center website. Click on the state, or territories of Puerto Rico or Guam, for which you wish .