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A hairbrush (also spelled hair brush) is not only good for brushing the hair, but also popular as a spanking implement.. The bottom is spanked with the flat or slightly rounded back of the hairbrush, which should be even and smooth. Traditionally, wooden hairbrushes are used for spanking; however these days often a plastic one will have to do (though these are far less 'effective').

D To put it simply, I’m a somewhat naughty 61 year-old open minded male Spanko with a fun loving and playful sense of humor/attitude living in the heart of the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area who has always had this deep down passion for domestic home style type true Bottom Warming Experiences, Spankings, both giving and receiving in a fun loving and caring sort of way.Author: D.

Severe Hairbrush Punishment Spankings Severe Hairbrush Punishment Spankings. There are very few implements that hurt as much, can bruise a bottom so quickly, and most importantly, leave a young lady’s bottom sore for days, than a heavy wooden hairbrush. This video is dedicated to the exploration of this very concept. There are no warm-ups.

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I've seen it many times, and still feel it's one of the top 5 discipline spankings ever posted. Too bad more parents don't discipline their ill-mannered teens with a soundly blistered bottom. That "Daddy" isn't playing around. He knows a hairbrush spanking is able to teach a lesson very quickly, and will leave a lasting impression!