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Katherine and Adriana continue their discussion about consensual F/M spanking and domestic discipline play in the second installment of their pleasantly stimulating (and stimulatingly pleasant) interview. Adult Spanking Illustrations. Free Spanking Content. Spanking & Bondage Gear. F/M Spanking at Spanking Wall. F/M Spanking Movies on Demand.

Erotic Spanking - How to Properly Paddle That Posterior. For those of you who were brought up in a time or household where switches, belts, and wooden spoons were a common form of punishment, it’s understandable why the idea of spanking would be a total turn off.

Jan 28, 2016 · If you sense your guy is worried, keep spanking lighthearted: play up the sexiest, most playful parts of a spanking, suggests Katherine, such as the butt being "an erogenous zone prominently Author: Yourtango.

Roleplay (also spelled role play) is a situation in which people assume and act out roles which are not their real selves. Often this is enacted with the aid of specific costumes and accessories, that also help the players get into the head space of their role.. Role-playing can be seen as a form of improvisational drama or free-form theatre, in which the participants are performing impromtu.

Apr 02, 2016 · Leila describes how she and her husband enjoy consenual adult F/M spanking play, as well as meeting interesting people at spanking parties.